Why Choose Us?

Winegrowers, why choose us?

In 2006, one sixth of all internet searches was for wine but a simple search on term with wine displays more than 335 million results.

On this basis, it became clear that having a website is no longer enough to be visible on the Internet.

It was necessary to create a showcase of French wines with a real notoriety on the web; a showcase with innovative qualities enabling it to position itself as a reference in search of wines and winemakers, as well as the Yellow Pages are to find an address.

So we put at the disposal of the winemakers ViniPages Internet platform. It allows them to develop, themselves, instantly and very intuitive way, their property, wine cooperative or trading company as well as the full range of their products.

More than a directory of wines, ViniPages is a simple and effective tool to bring customers the French winemakers web: Owner and buyers.